OwnerDirect is different

Owner Direct is different …

The big difference: Owner Direct is not a web directory

If you are interested in travelling and start researching vacation rentals (because you understand the advantages over hotels!), you may find many websites out there that are very different from Owner Direct. Most sites offering services for vacation rentals are actually “self serve” web directories. This means they provide minimal or no customer service and just show you available homes (with no security or guarantees).

Contrary to this, Owner Direct is a “full service” site. For guests, we provide fast service that is efficient and easy to use. We often find the right property for our busy guests within minutes. If you are an owner who is already listed with a web directory, you know how time consuming it is to respond to all your prospective guests. Each message you receive requires a reply. Each reply you send can arrive after the guest finds a different property to rent. On average, using a directory requires 15 minutes of your time every day of the year.

Save time

Owner Direct saves owners up to 100 hours per year! We eliminate the delays and uncertainties. The Owner Direct Difference is what sets us apart and has made us successful for decades, with our high level of service producing high rates of growth in listings and bookings.

Relax and enjoy Owner Direct’s services …

We are constantly working on new services such as website updates or more convenient booking processes and those new services help us facilitate more matches and more happy guests and owners. This has worked for us since 1994 and we will never stop searching for ways to make it easier for you.

Do you have an idea for us?

Although we constantly receive compliments about our service, we always appreciate new suggestions. When the suggestion is not in our planned future projects, we add it. Feel free to email us with any new suggestions!

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